Pussy Ping Pong, Fokking Xero, Feat. Donald Trump, Grabbed by the Pussy Remix, (prod. Redneck) from Fokking Xero on Vimeo.

Now a Song, Not From my Ring Ding Dong, Donkey Kong
Not the Prick, Not a rhyme about Dick Dong Licking
But Just well maybe Abit Sicker, and Kinkier, Prick! Ping Pong, Rause eins twei,
Dip Dip Hit, Nein Keine Hende, Remember My Swanse kan Tanze, Yeah Its Sick.
Tirol, Touriste Gladiool, Cornholio Beavis and Butthead.
T-pee Rock and Roll, Toilette Flushin, In SOI COWBOY
a Moose with Curly, Larry and Mo are here too, Pooping Poo on a Ho,
Lo fi, Low Budget Low, Rear End! Not Sci-fi, This is Hi Fi Stereo

Sex Rhymes, Fokking Xero, Sexy Mirror FX XXX Album Mixxx , WTF Underground Rap from Fokking Xero on Vimeo.

Squeez Squeeezzzz... Squirt
Sqwhat, Wut Wa da
Juicin The Hip Hop
Alternative Drip Pop
Sqeeeusssin, Shakin da Booty
Me Bald Wookie, wit a Gookie
Proper Named, Li, She Likes a Nookie
Proper Oh ya Ye Yeah Proper. No No Nookie
Squees Squeez, Squirrrrt, Sqwhat
Wut Wa da, i want that cookie

Sex Machine, Fokking XeroFOKKING XERO

Are you still a virgin! Because that is not so nice.
Frustrated, Challenged, Do you want to be deflowered this Semester.
Or are you Puffed, a piece in your collar.
Glands in Ibiza and Prague.
Pussy Ants Catch Your Babies, Fuck, Breed, Broke
or Walk your crooked with crutches
Then go with your Dick Size, to the Pink Neighborhood, what Fucken



Fokkin Xero

Pu Pu Pussy Wide... Pu Pu Pussy Wide Shots, made me Cum
Hu Hu Hul, Incredible Hulk... Cum-cumber, Cum-cumber
Sploodge, Splash, Liters of white... Goo, Wanked, For the Sperm Bank
Fokking Xero, 10 Baby Boom Boom Boom, I am your Fokking Daddy, your Hero



Baby Formula, No Ass Hole Cornholio Bruce Willis, Fokking Xero Cartoon Rap, (prod Haven Beats x Sauron) from Fokking Xero on Vimeo.

Musical Sexual Terrorist.
Maniac Practical Pisst.
Mother Peeper Realist.
Keepin it Real, Well Surreal, You Say Unreal
Say What ! Sexist, WTF, You Social Justice Warrior.
Should I be Worried, With from you No Lust.
Kiss My, whateva Long Dong, Blossing Wurst.
Miss Da, Wut eva, Good Song, About a Flossing Nurse.
Riding a Funeral Hearse, WTF, Are ya Dead, So a Corpse

FX Fokking Xero 


I sing, about Ping Pong, Pee Poo Pu Puh Pussy.
Deeptroat Knights of Nie Ni Ney Nixon
Trump's Penis Envy, cuz he Mie Mi, May Bami, Nasi Mine (My Translation)
Cuz He Saw my Dong as Big as King Kong, (with the matchy Balls)
Go on, Zip Zop, Teabag, Tits, and Airbags, JoJo C.N.T. and so Much T.I.T


A.S.S Nazi Hunter, Sieg Nein Clown, Wow, That was a Dope Flip.
Oh God Grandfather of Fokking, Ozzy Osmosis Osbourne, I was 44 Years ago Born
Flyin High, Lets Get Fucking Crazy, But Again Who am I

I Got a Dong Like Kong, Sex Rap, 8 Bit Mario Bros Sex Parody, Daniel Fokking Staal aka Fokking Xero, (Prod. Eskry) from Fokking Xero on Vimeo.

Yes I'm in a Tempo, yes I'm really impotempo
All you other Potempo's are just imitating My...
FX Ray Charles NETFLIX Subscribed Vision
Will da Impotent Rage, Plee Pee Please Shut up
Please stand up, please stand up? FX Fokking Xero


Tera Patrick 


Mug Shot! Cock Shot!
WTF, Mug Shot! Cock Shot, Mother F*cker
Shit Man... Bin In Jail 30 Days, Behind Bars, These Blue are Pink,
Yeah Gay on a Toilet Sink.
All I Did, Mug Shot! Cock Shot! Bang Bang
and Posted it on Facebook, Gang Bang , Faced Fluke.
and all I did was, Mug Shot! Cop Shot!?
and Now by Pinky Blue, Cock Blocked


Dutch Rap, Sterke Taal, By: FOKKING XERO Sex Rhymes


FX Fokking XeroFokking Xero mp3 FX Fokking Xero

Right Click on Above Picture, Save Target as *.Mp3 (Listen and Pee)
(C)-D.F.Staal-2020 aka FX Fokking Xero, Perhaps ya Hero


Fokking Xero

Fx, Tricks, and Tits, Cli Cli Clitoris Clits, Smashin FX Tripple XXX Hits
No Kids, Allowed, Fick Fokking the Faust,Fok Fick Fok, Seig Nein, Hitlers Dick wass Klein
Rause in and Out, Aus, Ouch,Dropping the Bi-Bia-Bitching Beat Boxing, Beats


Kind a Rockin, In Heat! Cockin, No Suckin, Midget Porn Blocken. 9.5 Inches Meat
Music to Jerk Off, Wig wag, Zig Zag, Wack Wack, Not in Drag, No Internet Lag,
Shit to Make ya Laugh. Dutch Lef, Met wat Ge Be Be Bef
No My Little Poney, Nothing Phoney, But Rude, Dirty Cartoony Looney Tuney, Tones.

Tera Patrick

Nothing Nasty, Like Anal, Not in Da Poo Po Pooper
For Me Not Natural. No Oh God No
But in Da Pu Puh Poe- Poesje, Not too Much for Big Pussy Flaps
I like it Tie Thys Tight, Bit Wet, Pink, Black or White, Sometimes Asian.
Fok Me Knowing Names to Call to be Seen
Triple XXX Rated Po Poe Po Pornstars
I Think Ya Like that Shit, Yeah ya Do Do Do, Row Ro Roam With Da Flow.
Me, You do Like ya Po Poe Pee Poo Porno.

FX Fokking XeroAdams Apple FX Fokking XeroFX Fokking Xero




airhead, fx Fokking Xero

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