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Daniel Fokking Xero Staal

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was born in the city of Groningen, Holland on April 10, 1975. He grew up in a middle

class family with a very artistic background on his mother side of his family

(80 % of whom are artists). Though he credits his mother for his creativity,

his obsession with Horror, which began at the young age of four, is a legacy

from his father. Harry Staal was already a big Fan of Horror, reading the works

of authors like John Sinclair, Stephen King and Early Works of Clive Barker


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The Covers of those books inspired Daniel in his earlier works While attending kindergarten

the first thing he penciled was an image of a human skull. The sight of his teacher's face was memorable,

a look of shocked horror. Seeing her expression he wondered how she could be so shocked by something What's not Real,

that only existed on paper. Daniel became fascinated by the psychology of horror imagery at the tender age of five.

At the age of eleven he painted his entire bedroom wall in the likeness of Castle Gray Skull

(masters of the universe). His mother was not pleased with the new look,

but she appreciated her son's creative mind and skilled hand, and still supports his artistic endeavors.


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At the age of 9 he had his first visionary nightmare after watching
Video Drome.

That nightmare evolved constantly, providing images for many early drawings.

It was one of those dreams that later inspired the NecroDrome mutant Demons.

Sixteen years later he watched Video Drome for the second time, and it's still his favorite horror Movie.


Art by Daniel Staal aka Hellheart

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As a pre-teen, Daniel would invite neighborhood friends over to watch his
presentation of the House of horrors which was done from his bedroom, and was created from household material and altered to Demonic symbolic constructions.
Between the ages of fifteen and nineteen he abandoned his hobby work. Much of the blame falls on too many life changes. Many of his good friends moved away, and he was forced to change schools. His parents and grand parents divorced. One of his friends died of a heart attack, a Cousin and Aunt committed suicide. Daniel's reality became cruel, and depression followed. To him the real world became a living hell, full of dumb Racism and prejudice, a world ran by hypocrites he not understand. Daniel became angry, violent and Suicidal.


Fortunately his cry for help was answered. His Dad came through for him, convincing him that the world isn't that bad, reminding him that he was always a Dreamer before his friends moved away. He always created his own dream world that never could harm him however creepy his creations were. From that time Daniel began to heal, suffering only the normal teenage maladies. He does not regret the bad times, what's happened has happened, and those experiences have made him the man he is today.

Art by Daniel Staal aka Hellheart

With his feet on the ground on the age of twenty-one, Daniel studied Digital art. After watching the making of First Contact (Star Trek 8) he began work on his own Star Trek chapters on his home computer. The Borg and similar creations inspire him to make his first biomechanical artworks (unpublished).

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Biomechanical ART has always been his favorite medium, becoming clear in his mind, and for the first time he saw the link between the Borg and the Originaters biomechanical art (see also Biomechanical art H.R.Giger ). Daniel created the Originaters Artwork work in 3d art form (Dark Seed 3), but they never planned a sequel. Daniel quickly decided to create his own visions and nightmares real in art form, then accomplish already invented artworks.

Art by Daniel Staal aka Hellheart

His love for horror and science fiction was reborn.
He credits as mayor Visual influences to
H.R.Giger, David Cronenberg, and Clive Barker.
His favorite inspirational musicians are
Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Monster Magnet, and Body Count
Some of his artwork inspired by those musicians are published
on those big names original websites such as,, and

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From that time Daniel knew he had potential and began working hard to make his vision real.
Daniel's success has earned him attention from other artists like Robert Venosa, Demetrios Vakras,
and many others like Horror writers and movie makers, and little
by little he has gathered a legion of Fans.

Who give him purpose to continue working. The artist uses not only digital art,
but also hand drawn paintings (oil, acrylic, airbrush, etc.) to create his dark visions.
Daniel Staal is still to this date unsigned by any label or production company.
He works as a freelance artist for anyone who wants him.

This is Written by Daniel Staal in 2001!


Faces of Lust, By:Hellheart aka Staal


Orgamatron 2005 by: Hellheart aka Staal





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